Having a Blessed Attitude.


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You’re right where God wants you. You may have a ways to go, but you’re not where you started from. Remember slow progress is still progress. What makes the difference is your attitude.  So journey with me and let’s see how we can work on it together.

blessed attitudeRemind yourself of your worthiness before getting out of bed. Breathe in God’s love, and breathe out His love. Enfold yourself in the light of God. Saturate your whole being in love. Always take the time to meditate by just being still without thought. I find also spending time Bible journaling, and journaling in my personal notebook very soothing, and nurturing. Speak life over yourself by positive affirmations. When anything negative comes to mind be it from yourself, or from others. Work through it versus replacing it with shopping, drinking, drugs or overeating.

Don’t overthink things. Don’t try to figure out who suppose to be in your life, or not. Just be present in the NOW. Enjoy your own company. Our plans may be different from our soul’s plan.  Love yourself enough to believe in the limitless opportunities around you. Most importantly, is spiritual growth by connecting, and communicating with our Heavenly Father. Yes, we need spiritual food to nurture our spirit. Remove fear and the need to feel anxious. Be discerning of who you allow into your space. Be loving, but be careful of toxic people.  Remember even Jesus needs to be invited into our hearts. He doesn’t force us to have a relationship with Him. Remember:


Finding your quiet voice is the higher, elevated you. The loud voice is usually when your ego takes control of you. Remember to just accept, love, forgive and praise your growth. You matter, and you’re worthy to have a healthy lifestyle, choices, and healthy relationships. God has been truly working on my behalf. I’ve been away for a moment, but I’ve been sharing and spreading Christ, and winning souls for the kingdom. If you have a moment, do stop by and visit my faith-based online shop where we minister through our shirts and more. Visit: http://www.timelesstreasuresforever.com