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Broken, is that a word?

It feels like a weapon

I cannot decipher the two

It tears into my heart while

Shredding through my veins

Nothing will ever be the same

Plan A was all about me

Had to be my will, my own way

Sharp pains destroying my soul

I call for my advocate

To make me whole

My soul I will not sell

I close my eyes and

I say in an outburst

in agony and pain as

Bitterness fades away

 I believe you

Died on Calvary

for a better me

He smiles upon my face

tears in His eyes

my vision is a blur

am I floating?

saved by His amazing grace

I am soaring with my wings of faith

 If we trust in Him even during our darkest times, he will deliver us and restore us. Why? Because He loves us so much!