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As I sit adrift, staring into a casket, in a dark room of clutter, I can hear my heart flutter with despair. I feel suffocated, the air is limited. I have bags under my eyes, the color of coal sagging with nowhere to go. The room is musty and cold.  I am reminded of the lies, I was constantly told.

I will love you forever to the end of time, he says. With a smile that out shined the most colorless glass. I believed every word was true. Was it real or a figment of my imagination? Not wanting to accept the truth. Reality sinks in as my heart is being torn by thorns he has embedded in me. She gets the roses and I get the thorns that tears into my heart.         

Thorns are not so bad I hear an angelic voice say. I know a man who would die for you any given day. And He has. He was pierced with a crown adorned with thorns that shed His blood just for you. I say,” for me,” as the tears fall back. Yes, He will not lie to you or break your heart in two. He has loved you before you knew what love would say or do.

I feel my heart beat at a steady rate, I am overjoyed He (Jesus) came my way. Those thorns that once tore into my heart has made me whole! What I thought was a casket, was His resurrection that I might be saved!

God I love you.