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I love you he say, she say

they say with a smile

in an angelic voice

False truths told to

innocent hearts and minds

you are my friend

you are my soul mate

tears falling like rain

down my exhausted face

mixed and confused

by intentional defilement

playing with my soul like

a yo-yo, which way will

I go. Broken promises

running through my mind

Faded promises piercing my heart

Repeated over and over

I believed every one of those

empty words of hope

They believed what they had

told me too. Except they

believed with their 

lips and not their hearts

of their true lies

I realize now there is only

 one truth that resides in my heart

Jesus, my Savior. Only His promises

are real to me. Others are just fantasy

Like a child who knows no right from wrong

Placing my heart in Jesus, where it belongs

and matter most, your true lies are

where they belong, upon your lips

where your heart is deceived once again

but now alone, for my heart now has an

eternal home.