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God’s Love is pouring into my veins and to my heart.

The adversary pierced me with His fork of lies, and tried to inflict pain upon my body. But I kept my eyes on the Lord, and as I felt my blood seeping out I began to panic.  I cried out to God and said, ” Lord, I trust you, and have kept my eyes on you, yet you allowed the enemy to pierce through my side and shed my blood.” The Lord replied, ” my child what He thought would harm you is being turned around for your good.”

Awesome God, He allowed the poison contaminated blood to be removed so that the transfusion could begin. You see He cannot mix His new innocent blood with the contaminated old blood. A transfusion is taking place and I am being made whole at this very moment. Glory to God. Lord, thank you!

Satan you can only do to me what my Heavenly Father allows you to do, but even then it is made in His glory.

A Love Transfusion took place and is transforming me into a new creature.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥