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Psalm 126:5 Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.
I believe when we cry our tears are collected and saved. When storms come about those tears have accumulated to drops and from drops to buckets and from buckets to a pond. From a pond to a lake and then to a river of sorrow that draws God near and carries us to safety. When we cry we draw near to God and become humble children who needs Him, so desperately. He wept with us and have mercy upon us. He then delivers us to safety.

When I cry my tears would say to you how precious you are to Him and how free and available He is to you. Jesus is there when you don’t know what to do. So cry and cry some more, it draws Jesus near your door of sorrow and pain. I surrender myself to Jesus by weeping in His Presence. Through my tears, I am giving Him my self-centeredness, my hurts, my fears, my emotional scattered thoughts, and I have found God honors this kind of passion and sincerity of truth. It has been during these times that the Holy Spirit has ministered to me in divine beauty, pouring out His love for me, forgiving me, strength, wisdom and peace of mind when I need it most.

But if you never cry then your well becomes dry and your storms seem to be prolonged and thirsting for relief. So cry out to God and release your tears so you can be free in His will for you. Trust me your tears from man are not going to carry you, cry to the Lord and He will deliver you. That is the truth. Man believes tears are signs of weakness and lack of faith, but tears to me are submission to God’s will to rescue us. Keeping my eyes on Him.

Cry out my child and rest in His Love!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥