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Believers, we must Trust God no matter how impossible our situation looks. Keep your eyes on Christ and don’t be distracted by the devil and his servants’.

Don’t give God your back. In other words don’t give up on God. Give Him your heart and soul.  When we cease to do right or live right this is what we are doing, giving God our back. We are giving up on God. Either you believe in Him, or you don’t. If you do then don’t turn your back on Him because He would not turn His on you. Cry out! We need you Lord!

The enemy’s attacks are getting stronger as the forces of evil seek to wound and discourage those of us who belong to Christ. Many believers are crying out for Christ to return and save them from darkness. He is present with us. We are in the devil’s crosshairs and he is not backing down. His plan is to kill any hope you may have. Steal your joy and destroy God’s plan for you. He is filled with pits of lies and discouragement aimed toward every believer of Christ.

The Devil is donating his deception, defilement, discouragement, depression, debt, divorces, diseases, and death, like candy with no sweetness to all who will partake of it. The letter “D” is his favorite alphabet.

You can have peace within you,even when it seems that all hope is gone when you understand in your heart that in the end, God has the plan! He is not waiting for you to be stronger, wiser or more spiritual before he will help you. He already has the plan worked out. Tomorrow is in his hands and he will accomplish his purpose for you.

Pray with me:

Dear Lord, make this truth clear to those who need your help now. Give hope to those who are facing battles that leave them wounded and feeling alone. Strengthen those with serious medical issues. Comfort those who are having marriage problems and relationship issues. Bless and provide for those with financial problems. I know, my Lord that you are in every one fo these struggles and you have the plan to work them out according to your purpose. Please Jesus, keep our eyes on you and not on our circumstance. Our hope is in you! Amen

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥