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The Book Of Life Will Give You Butterflies!

The Book of life (bible)will give you the butterflies, that is for sure. It speaks truth and is very pure. If you would just open it and give it a try, you will find that scripture, will never tell you a lie. It teaches you how to love the cruelest of men. While forgiving you too, for your deadliest sins. So open it up and begin to read, it is then you will plant a seed. A seed that will continue to grow, grow, and grow. I say to you my brothers in Christ, you would want more and more. Before and after reading it, you should pray and ask God to show you the way. I ask, won’t you at least give it a try? The Book of Life will give you Butterflies.

Open ♥♥♥ Read ♥♥♥ Release ♥♥♥

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥