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Wake up with a praise this morning and not with your problem! If you give God some praises then therefore you have given Him your problem. Wake up this morning with a prayer and not your pain. For if you have already began to pray then you would not complain about your pain! Wake up with a song and stop giving God and everyone else a lying, bitter tongue. For if you are singing a song then the battle is already won. Glory to God! Wake up and jump for joy, because God is a healer and your comforter all day long. So continue to praise Him, say a prayer, jump for joy, and sang your song. Then you will find yourself trusting Him and not your problems and pains of today. You must continue to repeat this joy of the Lord everyday.Then you will find peace in Him in every way, no matter your current situation!

So wake up it is a brand new day, don’t just lay there. Get up and give my God some praise, for He is worthy each and everyday. Get up and began to pray. For you not know what the day will bring your way. But if you followed my recipe for joy above, my God will take good care of you with a whole lot of love and a little bit of grace. It is then you will be ready to run the race of today.

I Love you Lord, and I will give you the praise, I will not dare run this race without you there, with your presence I know I can bear and finish the race because you will be carrying me every step of the way. So I will get up and give you the Praise.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart  ♥