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This is my season to clip and prune back some of the friendship bushes. The older I get,  I realize that I deserve better friends who can help me become my best self. We all have dirt but some of us have good nourishing dirt that can help ourselves and others grow. Then there are others who have infested dirt that can stunt your growth and cause you to wilt and die off.

I remember Jesus, said the same thing in his parables. He warned against putting down roots in poor soil. If we are not nourished, our souls will choke and wither away. I want to be surrounded with friends who will be supportive, and not choke me with a smile. If you support a friend your actions show. You don’t have to keep repeating the ” I got your back!” Why? Because a true friend will recognize this.

I say pick your friends wisely. Personally, my circle of friends is small. I am not one to have a lot of friends. I have a women’s group in which will begin soon, fellowship in love and building each other up and just sharing and showing love. I am looking forward to this. I love sharing God’s word as well as sharing my gifts and learning from others too. Pick your friends with care because they create the environment in which you will either thrive or wilt. Give everyone the opportunity to be a friend, but share your dreams and goals only with those who value them as much as you do.

Hang around friends who will be a positive influence. Ask yourself whether spending time with this person will lift you up or drag you down? Will spending time with this person help you to become your best self? Are you happy after spending time with this person?  Share one of your goals and see if you feel like you can trust that person. I have shared in the past, only to have the person try to out do me. (How silly).

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One thing I have realized, when God has blessed you with your gift, it can’t be outdone. We all are equip with special gifts. Don’t compete for others gifts find your gift and bring them together in unity. It is like one person is good at making the product, and the other is good at marketing the product. In the end you are accountable for your circle of friends.

Have you ever talked with someone who thought you could accomplish more than you  thought you could? This will be the person who inspired you to do something or say something, or possibly try something you never thought you can do. If you have found such a person, cling to them and let the friendship blossom! Why? This is your new mentor after God of course!

One of the best moves you can make in life is to surround yourself with friends who see the potential in you that you may not even see in yourself. I prayed to God and ask Him to shed some light on my circle of friends. You can’t carry the weight of others bitterness or lack there of while seeking your dreams. A push every now and then, but some people will drain you and change like the wind.

One minute you are talking and happy and the next you become their punching bag, or their victim for all the messed up things in their life. You spend exhausting hours trying to figure out what went wrong, because they avoid you or become bitter. I personally, gave my life to Christ to become a better person and not a bitter person. Today, God is doing open heart surgery and sending me loving, caring people who can help me make my dreams come true by being real and supportive.

 The sprint is over for those short-term friends. I am looking for friends for the marathon run who can love me without prejudice of my gifts, family, or accomplishments and who will help me excel, and be really truly happy with me, not for me ( I can be happy for myself). Because in the end, I am the friend who can make you smile when you are down and pray for you before and after hell breaks loose to the very end. I am not saying these friends are bad people. Just look for the friend(s) that has the heart of God ♥

The friend that is not a part-time friend based on emotions. I have a great work to do for my Heavenly Father, I can’t be distracted and won’t be distracted. If it is between God and you, then I choose God, always. I still love all of my sisters and brothers in Christ. May we wake up with a song in our heart to be our best and give our best at all times. Why? Because God is watching you!

So be a true friend and love at all times because God is a loving God all the time, not part-time.

A Woman After God’s Heart ♥