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We all need to be squeezed, to see what comes out, at some point. Do you need to be squeezed? What will come out? Would it be pleasing to God, or displeasing to Him. Either way it must take place. The squeezing of course! We must know what is on the inside of God’s temple. Yes, your body belongs to Him. Some of you made not have let Him take ownership of His temple as of yet, but it belongs to Him. Some of you have let Him in but have decided to direct and give Him orders. And He has allowed you to take your own path.

Now what? Have you made up your mind to serve Him, and allow Him to be your architect? Have you been the architect? If so then repent to Him, and tell Him you were out-of-place, and that He now may take charge because you trust Him and need Him to clean up the mess you have made in His temple (your body).  Tell Him you trust Him, but only if you really do! Tell Him you will serve Him and only Him, but only say it, if it is what you plan to do. Tell the Master you love Him enough to do His will and serve Him, desire Him, and fulfill His kingdom’s work. Just don’t bluff Him because He knows your true self. 

Allow Him to squeeze you and get all the junk out that’s not of Him. Ask Him to squeeze you so you can see the light. Are you not curious to what’s on the inside? Is it enough for you to see eternal life? There is no shame. Don’t be fooled by the enemy, allow the squeezing and rid the virus that is blocking your relationship with Christ.

Perhaps you are one who has said, she is harsh or unloving in her post. Is that you? Did you seek God? I made a vow with God to be truthful along this journey with Him and you.  The enemy will attack your mind and place an illusion so you can’t get the real message. Take what is vital on this journey and move on. Get the message God is delivering through me to you, don’t worry about me not sugar-coating the lemon drops, God’s love is sufficient (enough) for you. I am loving but firm, putting God first. So it may not emotionally line up with you, but don’t operate on emotions, but truth.

Pray with me. Lord, I need to be squeezed to release the virus on the inside that is separating me from your love, your kingdom’s work and the love I lack in showing my sisters and brothers in Christ. I have been wishy-washy in my walk with you or just a no-show when it comes to serving and trusting you. Forgive me father and guide my every step. I have been boastful,selfish, unkind, unloving, bitter, complaining, conceited, careless, defile of your word, prejudice, promiscuous, jealous, filled with envy, uncaring, unforgiving, lazy and prideful. Thank you for hearing my prayer, Lord.

Now, if you are praying this and saying these are not me. Then seek God and ask Him to reveal your uncleanness because it is there like skin on a snake, waiting to be shed. Once you have been squeezed (phase 1), you must be developed (phase 2) and last the pushing stage (phase 3).

Get squeezed and release the butterfly ( transformation) of the new you. Amen

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥