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Developing Phase (what you look like now).

photo credit: amazonexplorersclub.com

Being developed. We as women are going through the re-molding process. It is here we are refined. As strong women working in love and unity we are or should be that Proverbs 31 Woman. We become the complete helpmates to our men. You see we give birth to young men and women everyday. We set the tone. We nurture the womb until the fruit is ripened, and then we give birth.

This is what we as women are going to experience again. Except we are not coming from our mother’s womb, or giving birth to a child. But through the wound of Jesus! The price has been paid and we must now show honor to Him. Have you been squeezed? You see, you have to go through this process, because it is here you will realize what is inside of you brewing. Then you will begin to go through the cleansing process of being renewed and refined (developed).  So you are now aware of what’s on the inside which is not pleasing to God.

What do you do now?

The process begins and you are now being transformed. A seed is planted by you because your confession of sin to God, asking to be transformed through Him. The seed implants itself and now you are now seeing with your spiritual eyes and not the eyes of the flesh. Your vision is, God’s vision. You want to do what’s pleasing to Him. You want to do what is loving and truth to Him. You are implanting scriptures through His blood. His blood is now flowing through you. You are not your own. Then your sight is being renewed and you see clearly. God has given you a vision. That vision is love. Because when you love you are truthful. When you are truthful you move away from sin. It becomes distant and you become closer to God’s vision. Oh, my did you hear that?

A voice is being formed. Now you have this voice of empowering, encouraging, speaking forgiveness, praise & worship is your heartbeat, and prayer is the oxygen your lungs breathe in. Faith is your limbs taking you to the path of righteousness. Moving about with courage and grace. No matter the storm you will strive in the word of God and be delivered of your sins and serve the Holy One!

Transformation look (see how God can turn something ugly into a beautiful art for His kingdom).

Photo credit:animalku.com

Oh, servants of God, just marinate in the Lord, right now. Allow yourselves to be smothered in Jesus Love for you. Yes, suffocate yourself in His compassion and grace. You are a great woman of God, and a great helpmate to your husbands and to God for the single women. You are a precious jewel because of your strength and integrity to care for your family and make home, a home. Oh, how God loves you. He loves us so much. Surrender the old you and allow yourselves to be transformed into the Master’s Hand.

Oh, my God delights in a humble, loving servant. A woman of God who adores Him from sun up to sun down. Start the process right now.  Get renewed and refined, so that you are ready to be acceptable in the kingdom of Heaven. Glory to God! Lord, thank you for making me a precious jewel of your master plan. Thank you for blessing my womb with fruit to do your will and not mine. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly full of blessings and love to all I cross paths with. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to serve you for what price have I paid to deserve such an honor?

Lord, I will not look back to my past because you have delivered me and no longer see the past sin. Lord, you have taught me to not look into tomorrow for it is not promised. So Lord,I look to you at this second saying, I am here to serve you, love you, trust you, desire you, share you, praise and worship you, and be obedient. Lord, I just love on you this moment and throughout the day, as long as you breathe into my lungs. Jesus, I am going through the pottery machine and being developed for the rebirth. That intimate rebirth of just me and you, in our intimate place. Where you will deliver me to your standards and not my own. Phase three-Rebirth (delivery by Jesus), are you ready? Prepare yourselves for the delivery room . Will you be ready, or will you have to develop a little longer?

Remember it is a process, but if you take the first step, God says He will cover the rest. Amen

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥