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I have only today, to bless and share God’s heart , if allowed by Him. So I say to you be thankful for the small things and appreciate the big things. Smile even when you don’t want to, it may save someone who is contemplating suicide. Give someone a hug that needs it. Love those outside of your circle. Share a prayer with someone today, don’t be selfish. Tell God you love Him in your actions today. Let your words be pleasing to Him. Don’t complain or place blame today. Just be you because nobody else can do it better than you. There is only one of you so be happy, because you are unique. In case I am not granted another minute, I say I love you and have enjoyed our time together. I think you are awesome men of God and women with beautiful hearts. I want to remind you to love your little ones. I have decided to just live in God’s heart today and see what  happens. I believe I will travel far today. Because God’s heart is your Bible. I am getting ready to open God’s heart ♥ Care to join me?

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥