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photo credit:missi.in

Jesus smiles, yes I know HE does. When I look at my little ones looking at me they smile because they are complete. I know for sure God is smiling at me. When I show kindness to others and they don’t show kindness to me, I love them anyway no matter how hurtful they may be. I look up to the heavens and there God is again smiling at me. When I give an offering to a needy child across the world, who is sick and hungry. I feel the butterflies and see God smiling at me. When I am cheerful in sharing God’s post for all to read and see. I look around and there God is smiling at me. When family and friends try to be spiteful and playing hurtful games, and I choose to love them with the heart of God. Not allowing myself to be separated from the love of God. God smiles at me with such delight. It is then I know I will be alright. When it rains yet I look for the sun, God smiles on me and I feel the warmth. When my day feel dreary and out-of-place. I look up to God as I fall at His feet. I look up and He is smiling at me along with a hug. I feel my heart being tug with God’s smiles of love pouring into my heart. I say thank you Lord for smiling upon me. Whoever says God does not smile, has not met Him. Surely if He shed tears for you and I. Then I know He smiles because He smiles quite often you see. If you look closer you will see, He is waiting to smile for you and not just for me. Sometimes He shows off just for me because He allow everyone to see He is smiling down on me.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥