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Rural Abandon by Jon Bradley

photo credit: photographyblogger.net

No matter how abandoned you feel, or how old and worn down you look. God is not looking at the outside. He is concerned with the inside. You see when the inside is in alignment with God, then the outside becomes renewed and takes on the inside beauty. How awesome is God? Awesome times infinity…Stop looking at the outside long enough to see your beauty you bestow on the inside. If you don’t see your inner beauty then pray and seek God on those issues and watch Him turn it around. God will never abandon you, only you can abandon Him. So, stand where you are and tell your heart to trust God whole-heartedly. An abandon old house has a lot of worth, it is unique and has strong structure. We have strong structure because we was built (created) on a strong foundation of LOVE from Jesus. Amen.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥