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I looked and looked all around, my treasures from God could not be found. I looked under the bed, and on the ground, still my treasures could not be found.I looked in the garden and under the stairs, to my surprise there was nothing  there. I became upset and began to pray. I ask my Heavenly Father to help me find my way. I listened for the still voice but could not hear a sound. I took a step forward and look up to the hills where my help cometh from, and to my surprise the still voice was near.

I could hear Him, so loud and clear. My child keeps climbing the steps one by one, it is the only way to the begotten son. Your treasures are  not here on earth, but awaits you in Heaven. Don’t be deceived my the earthly things that come your way. You know my daughter that I am the only way. He  smiles at me and I smile back because it is then I realize the lost treasure was me at some point in time.

I found my way back to Him and my true treasures is me living with my Heavenly Father, in heaven and a relationship with Him here on earth. If we fail to have a relationship here, then we fail also in heaven.  I Love you Jesus. I am marinating in His love for me. Sometimes we can lose ourselves to a dark place, we must know how  to find our way back to Jesus. Thanking God, I am on the right path with Him. Some people don’t know they are even lost. May you find Jesus and have a relationship with Him daily.

Some of you are having one night stands with Him, and  that’s why you are feeling empty and incomplete. My God is no one night stand! Don’t sell yourself so cheap to the devil. The devil is double dipping because the price has been paid for you on the cross. Yet you sell yourself to the adversary for a price less your true value. The Devil can’t afford me and even if He could he is not worth my time or my soul! The devil had his chance, and as stupid is – stupid does, he tried to take control. I would be a fool to give him my soul. Be blessed my spiritual family. I truly love each of you with the heart of God.

Is there something I can do for any of you? Let me know. 

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥