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photo credit: worldprayingcommunity.com

We as Christians, are the Bible. When we open God’s heart (bible) are we not suppose to mimic Him? There is a difference in walking in His image and trying to be above God or Be God. We as Christians are sinners who are supposed to sin no more. I had to pray and ask God a sincere question that bothered me deeply…

The question is yes we are sinners. But will we always be sinners? No. The choice is ours. God said to me He would not ask us to do something if it was impossible. He would not give  us commandments that were impossible to obey. Glory to God. So every time you open your bible you should be living in the character of Christ and shedding the skin of sin off of God’s temple (your body). The inside should become cleansed in His love. A person can be for a time carnal, but a  true Christian will not remain carnal for a lifetime.

As christians we are supposed to be one with God, right? So we are the bible, we are what sinners read. So if you are not living right, who will follow? They will say, he or she is a christian? Look how she is acting or look how he is behaving. You are being watched! So be pleasing at all times even when no one is looking.

God’s temple (your body) if it is unclean, is God there? No, He says He dwells in no unclean place. 

prayer (your heart-communicating with God)) are you praying? If not then you are dead because your heart has stopped. You only are existing, not truly living.

Faith (the oxygen to your heart) without it you are lifeless and the heart is dysfunctional.

You should walk different and talk differently. You should be praying more. What is prayer if your character is flaky and displeasing to Christ. And what good is your Godly character without sincere prayer that is a daily action not a one night stand prayer, or emergency prayer for the moment. If these two don’t line up then you have your answer to the situations that are getting worse in your life.

God revealed to me that people can do many great things but lack the spiritual quality in their hearts ♥ Prayer is the CPR to communicating with God. Start with the ten commandments and everyday go down them to see if you have broken any. 

Pray with me – Lord, I want my actions and my heart to be pleasing to you as I come before you in truth. I want to bear good fruit Lord, so the world can see that I belong to you, the creator of the heavens and earth.  Jesus guide me to a holier life. I pray for your quick guidance to deliver me and make me whole. Amen