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o credit: tamilcatholic.org

Awesome day in the Lord. Give Him some praises before our busyness. Because truly our busyness should be about God. The question for today is, are you living what you write? Are you truly loving with your heart and not your emotions? Unconditional love accepts love right where it is. It does not reject you, and then act like you left. It does not put you on hold, until it is convenient. It is not part-time love to how you feel.

When you are opening your heart to others, it does not sit cold and humiliate you. It does not tell you this today and tomorrow, say you don’t love me. So love those family and friends with the heart of God. This means pray for them and treat them kind. Allow them to be drawn to you and not you continue to chase them and become hurt. God will draw all men unto you!

No God’s love is not that way! But man is writing and not living to those standards behind closed doors. Masks are being worn and deceiving God’s people. God has allowed me to be complete in Him, and not give in to man’s carnal ways and games. I am thankful that my actions are in alignment with His. The truth must be told. I write for God and that means telling the truth all the time. Not when it is convenient.

Surely, scriptures can be copied and elaborated on, but what does your home front look like? If God is speaking to you then what does your writing tell about God? God is not shady, He is not a liar, He does not reject you. He does not play games of TAG. He loves you with everything He has, right where you are. So what are you writing about? If you are writing about God then seek Him first. I am writing for God, that means He prompts me to be honest, but loving. He speaks to my heart what to write to His people and when to write.

Some people say they know God, but I have a relationship with Him. You can know someone but not have a relationship with them.

Some will not like it because it speaks to the very shoes they are walking in. Some of you will live in denial. Some will not like it because they compete with flesh. I can go before God and do a self check and get back on track to loving others right where they are. If you are writing out of emotions and not from the heart of God, then seek God. People will try to change your character by laying traps and trying to deceive you. Just remember God does not change.

We constantly hear we are not perfect, we all have blemishes and so on. What is your purpose in saying that? It is an excuse to walk in pity and allow others to feel sorry for you or for us to feel sorry for ourselves. When you walk with God then you are in His perfect love. There are no blemishes or im-perfectness. He will make you whole. Stop saying that you are not perfect, it is a loop-hole for the devil to attack you. And he (devil) will expose your weakness and beat you down!

Let your living be in alignment with God’s word. If you are feeling negative after reading this or convicted then God is tugging at your heart. This is for you. Get right with God and He won’t go wrong with you.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥