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I want all my sisters and brothers in Christ to love yourselves and be who God created you to be. Don’t let no one tell you, you cannot do something. There will be others who will criticize you, no matter what. I say forget them and focus on God. If you got God then let their criticisms be their own reflections in the mirror. Some people will admire you and some will try to out do you because they are LOST. Pray for them with a long-handled spoon. Guard your hearts from silent I Love You’s.

God says LOL (Love Out Loud)!

I want to share something I wrote to say walk in your own skin…Be encouraged!

photo credit: karolyn.tumblr.com

I am glad to be me, the way God created me to be. I would not want to walk in someone else’s skin for to me that is a cowardly sin. God made me unique and talented in every special way, that is why I have my own DNA! Some people don’t respect you or what you do but they just hang around, always trying to see what you are doing or to out do you!

I say don’t worry or fret be sentimental and pray because honestly, God made me an original, that is better than a copy any day.  I refuse to be a duplicate or replica of someone else. I thank God and not man for my health! Sneaky, deceitful hearts of the enemy always creeping around with a smile on their face;while living behind a mask. It’s such a shame. They have no clue of their gifts from God because they seek Him in vain.

His dying on the cross for me I have not forgotten! That’s why I love being me and not you, because you have your unique role on earth and I have mine too. So you be you and I will be me, that’s the way Christ intended for it to be. From the beginning to the end, just be yourself and stop trying to walk in someone else’s skin.

When you are trying to be someone else then you are not happy with who God created you to be. Along with this comes, depression and misery. You will always try to be a step ahead. But you are really behind the enemy’s line. God is love full-time.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥