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photo credit: nutsaboutsquirrels.com

Stop being a window peeper and leave that for the cats. Become a knocker. Get to know your neighbor. Some of you are window peepers. You look out your windows and stare at your neighbors. What are they doing over there? Did they just buy a new car? Wow, look at all the groceries they are carrying in. How can they afford that?

Perhaps if you showed some love as a true christian neighbor and knocked on the door you would not meditate on their status, but the love of their heart. God knocked on door to door.

Some of you are blog peepers, you stop by your fellow brother or sister page and just stare . Or since you are there you just click the like button to not feel so guilty or shame of what you are doing, never even reading the content. That is why some of you just click the like button constantly. Never any feedback. You can’t feedback to something you never read! Some of you are copycats. You go just to copy others and keep ahead so you are not outdone because this is a competition for you instead of ministering for God, or because you haven’t blogged in weeks for God, so you must catch up. Some of you are not being sincere, but reblogging others post for your own gratification to build numbers in followers.

Perhaps if you took the time to be honest and sincere and show love, scripture says God would draw all men unto you. Allow God to lead you to the blogs of the message He wants you to apply to your life and you won’t feel guilty or like you are treating a fellow christian wrong. Some of you have formed clicks and boundaries of who you will support.  We are supposed to be loving each other without prejudice. God is not pleased with turning His ministry into some game of Taboo.

God has weighed heavily on my heart this morning to tell you to show love. He is looking for a clean heart and not corrupt hearts.

Some of you are being judgemental and hurtful to others because you lack in your spiritual life and you see others are faithfully blogging and being elevated by God. If a person has one or five blogs it is okay. As long as they are being obedient to the voice of God. I know God has elevated me to have various blogs and the only one that is my personal blog that was led by me is ” I love My Creator So I Create” this was created by me to help others on ideas of saving money and to just know me on a personal basis, and share my ideas and my children heart’s, but does it include God? You bet it does! My other blogs were God directed. 

So, know I will not be moved by man and their deceitful sneaky ways. Talk about me as much as you please because the more you talk God is going to meet my needs and elevate me above the haters. I love all of you with the heart of God because that is what it takes to love some of you. Some of you have some hardened judgemental hearts. There are some who speak on love but will delete you behind your back just to meet a certain status of man. Looking to get publish or famous. I say to you, you are not my judge. God is the only judge, so tell your attorney Satan to retire.

Don’t you know you can’t out do God, or you can’t out publish God? I am thirsty for the Lord, and my passion is God. I love Him and strive to be obedient in spite of man always my ear trying to tear me down. Well, I got news. I am here after being born into this world at 2 lbs 2oz.- I am here. After losing my mom to AIDS at the age of 21, I am here. After losing my grandmothers to cancer I am here. After hemorrhaging after giving birth just three years ago I am here. After going through the all the brokenness by the adversary I am here. Thank you Lord.

I don’t need no self-pity. All I need is God and true followers of Christ to show real love.

I am still standing for God, and trusting Him and loving Him whole-heartedly.  After serving my country and putting my life on the line before it could begin I am here. BY THE GRACE OF GOD PEOPLE, I AM HERE! None of what  I been through stands to what He endured on that cross for me and you. So if you think some hearts filled with jealousy or bitterness is going to tear me down Think Again. I am a warrior for Jesus and I will stand alone for Him at any cost.

So you do you and I will do God. I will keep you in prayer. If the shoe fits you here then change shoes if they are to tight then get right!

Have a bless day if the truth don’t stress you out. Delete me if you like because I am only concerned with the book of life, and your deletions don’t hold no power to God. But it does show your character and true heart. I am showing love by telling you God’s truth.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥