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Today, perhaps you are unemployed and people are looking down on you, to include your family and friends. You feel lost, helpless, like a failure, or incompetent and cursed.  I say it is not so! Have you asked God about it? What did He say to you? Probably not what you wanted to hear right?

I know you said to Him the following:

You: God I am unemployed and it sucks.

God replied: I know you are unemployed but it doesn’t have to suck.

You: Lord, what shall I do?

God: Well, first I am a jealous God and you seemed to focus all your time, thoughts, and attention to your job, salary and material things in life and lunch dates of praise with your supervisor, when it is I who bless you. Yet you praise man.

You: Really God, I mean I always said, thank you when I purchased that car, house, boat and rims for my new Mercedes. Lord, I said thank you for the raise in my check.

God: I know my child but it was not enough. You see I want your time and your true heart. Not repetitive utterances with no content. Your life is not your own.

You: I can see your point Lord, what shall I do, now that you have my undivided attention?

God says: you now have all the time you need to build a relationship with me .You have time to work on your trust issues now that things are not at your leisure. You get to see how others you have walked by that was less fortunate than you live. You now can learn scriptures to embed in your heart vs. repeating little utterances when you get what you want. You now have time to work on your faith. You must learn to trust me when you lack as well as when you have. You must learn to spend wisely. You have nothing but TIME now!

When God blesses us it is not our own. It is for us to bless others too.

You: But Lord, how will I support my spouse and kids in the meantime?

God replied: Your bible is in the bottom desk in the garage under three piles of dust, inscribed upon it says, read me. 

photo credit: upstreamcraving.com

Quote for today: Our blessings from God is His Trust in us to invest in others. Submit your applications to God and watch Him move. 

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥