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Sisters and brothers in Christ, I am just a messenger for Christ! I can only speak for myself as you will have to speak of your position with God. God is the message. So when a message is being sent it comes from a higher being, not me. I just deliver the message. I never want to become God or higher than God.

I want to be pleasing to God, so I stay before God in prayer wherever I may be. Be it in my garden, in the shower, cooking, or at church. God is with me everywhere I go. We talk together and we cry together, we laugh together, and we run together. Yes, God runs all day long nonstop at least with me because I think about Him all the time!

He never gets tired and neither do I when I am with Him. I never get to see His shoes though because His heart is always in the way. Yeah, He has a big heart. For some reason He always ends up carrying me the rest of the way! Thank you Jesus.

Oh, we laugh a lot . No joke! I said to Jesus, ” Jesus pray for me. Jesus, replied I always do, I will never leave you Shenine. Wow, Jesus you said my name…laughing. It is something special about the way He says your name as if He named you….smiling. Of course He named you, He just let your parents pretend they named you. I asked God, why does my name always come up in spellcheck? He said because I am special and man make mistakes.

God said , to me “you are my Wow Child,” and I said you are the God that Wows me. We laughed! I love it when He laughs my heart flutters. Like it is doing now.

Sometimes people think I am weird because they see me in the store or out and about laughing by myself, but I have talks with God and we are laughing together. Perhaps some of you are reading this and thinking the same thing. God says, it is ok. I then look at them and just smile because I say to God, they can’t see you, or hear you, but I can. God says, they really think you are now talking to yourself .You are right here with me God!

He is interested in what I am cooking especially if it is unhealthy. I say Lord, give me something different to Wow- the hubby! He does and Hubby says, ” God, this is good..like really amazing. I say to hubby, ” God says, You are welcome!” Hubby looks at me like huh? God and I laugh.

So you see I am just the messenger having a relationship with the message so it is delivered just the way Jesus wants. He wants me to let all of you know, that stops by that He is not always serious, but He does laugh, cry and He puts out fires too. But the one in hell will remain.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥