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photo credit: opendoorvcf.org

My sisters and brothers in Christ, I will be taking some time away to spend with family and always with God. It is my prayer that you continue to be prayerful, inspired, uplifted, and encouraged by the post that God has placed upon my heart to share with you as well as others who share their heart ♥ Comments are still welcomed because testimonies for God never cease.

I know God will embed more heartfelt words for me to continue to share on our journey together, upon my return. I asked that you continue to pray for those that are less fortunate than you. Give thanks to a God who is so very worthy of your praises. Allow yourself to be smothered in praise and worship with Him.  Pray for my family and I as we travel the highways. I will keep all of you in prayer as well.

I love you all with the heart of God and I am so glad to have crossed paths with you. Getting to know your hearts is beautiful butterflies of color fluttering around my door step saying let me come in. I have accepted each of your hearts right where they are. Allowing you to be you as you have allowed me to be me!

I Welcome You Home

Away, but not gone

My door is open

for my home is

also your home.

There is no key for my door is always open

with a word of God  for you to each take

with you. I say welcome and

welcome again and again

you are at home

rather I am near or

gone ♥

Quote for today: “Beautiful butterflies makes the heart flutter with love.” I am truly loved ♥

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥