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photo credit:angelaambroise.blogspot.com

I am seeing a difference in my talk

I am seeing a difference in my walk

I forgive others even when flesh says Don’t

I follow God’s direction for me when the devil says “No”

I love others now, even when I know they don’t Love me

I replace love with hate and bitterness with kindness

I strive not to sin but to trust God through thick and thin

I serve Him with a cheerful heart instead of feeling forced

It is in Him I truly trust and not man

because I know in my heart that God is the plan for me

So I will stand bold but remain, humble

because with God I cannot crumble, but

do as I am told because if you look closely at

the picture, you will know I am being REMOLDED.

Christ is re-molding me and it feels great!

Sometimes there is some pain from all the twist and turns. Sometimes my heart has this intensifying burn. Sometimes I get bruised along the way and want to give up along the way. There are times my faith tries to walk out the door. But I just keep praying and trusting God even more because I know there is a process to go through to be REMOLDED. I know the end result will be breathtaking!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥