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photo credit: heavens-beauty.info

Bless America I hear

For soldiers who lost their limbs. For fallen soldiers who were just babes. For fallen soldiers who gave their life for each other. For veterans who still fight to receive medical treatment. For fallen soldiers who served and died for their country so other lives can be free to choose and speak. To choose what?

I often wonder about freedom because so many are told they are free, said to speak freely, but God sees the heart and how it is apart from what is far from free. Because Jesus says, ” no one is free unless they choose me.” Walking around not free but in bondage to another human being and in a dollar that says,” in God we trust.” We  are never really free in this world of sin, and battles of war between each other.   Unless we choose Christ from beginning  to end. 

Why are we fighting each other when we have the same Creator?

I often look for the ceremony for a God who gave His life. We put out red carpet for celebrities. We are not here to be remembered of our good deeds, but  to prepare for eternity. If truth be told some of us are committing idolatry. We are here to serve His purpose not ours. We are here  because we are not free in this world, it is not our eternal home. We are here to serve Him, not another human being or dollar sign. 

How can we be free when self is are our own worst enemy?

I say Bless America for a Savior who died on that cross alone,  for you and me to  have eternity. Why must blood be shed when enough innocent blood has  been shed by Our Savior. May the wars end and love begin for a man on a cross who loves us unconditionally.

Glory to God for Jesus is our Freedom.

For those who gave their lives may they be with Jesus. For those who served (s) their country may they each have a relationship with Jesus.

 A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥