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photo credit: welovebutterflies.com

I Am

broken, but blessed by His promises 

cracked but comforted by the blood on the cross

lost, but found in His precious name

sick in the world, but healed by heaven

weak in flesh, but strengthened through Him

tired and weary, but carried by my Heavenly Father

lied on, but understand truth lies with Him

talked about, but only concerned with His thoughts of me

denied by man but accepted by Him, I rather be with Him

ridicule by flesh, but who are they compared to my God

abused and accused it really does not matter because

I found a Savior who saves, heals and comforts me.

Do as you please with my flesh because my heart

belongs to God. Flesh is just a skin that continues to sin.

But as long as He has my true heart we will never be apart.

My body is not my own to defend, I will let my Savior be the judge

to the very end. I am what He says “I AM.” There is nothing you

can say or do to change that, because that ‘s a fact.

So, yes I am weak but remember this I am always at Jesus feet !  

I Am What God Says I Am! You have no say so over my life or your own! You are not your own, a price was paid.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥