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photo credit: mythought-filledjourney.blogspot.com

Hebrew 4:13 Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

God sees you when you clicked the like button without reading the post, it is called being untruthful. Then how can God trust you in heaven with His works? How could you not have anything to say about God?

God sees you not answering the phone call of someone who suppose to be your friend. How can He trust you to answer His calls. He reminds us to love thy neighbor.

God sees how you treat your spouse by not submitting to him, or not spending time with her. What if God isolated you and stop tending to your needs?

God sees you when you are smiling in a person’s face but gossiping behind their back. Is this the character you will carry to heaven?

God sees your envious and jealous spirit. Is this how you will be when you have to share Jesus with your sisters and brothers in heaven?

God sees how you spend your money on material things of the world, without careful consideration of paying your dues. How can He trust you with His treasures in Heaven?

God sees you stealing from your brother because you feel it is owed to you? Surely, you would steal from God too because He is watching you now.

God sees how you put your trust and heart in your spouse and material things, but won’t even give God a chance. Then if you don’t trust God why should He give you a chance to eternal life?

God sees you when you never have nothing to say to His word but you can gossip about what’s on You Tube or write a post for a gossip column or fashion magazine. We are here to fellowship and spread the good news.

God sees you trying to out do your sister and brother in Christ to hurt them. Do you think this is what God wants in Heaven?

God sees the love and no-respect you have for your parents which is resentment and hate, then perhaps you think God made a mistake in choosing your parents. Perhaps you won’t respect His authority in Heaven either.

God sees each and everything you do. Nothing goes unseen. We are here to build our character to the will of God and when we fail than we cannot be trusted in Heaven with a character of Satan. We must have the character of God. If God can trust you here on earth then He can trust you with His riches in Heaven.

God sees all the hidden motives and our ugliness. So stop playing peek-a-boo with man because God sees your character, and judgement day is coming for all of us. I just want to say God sees you and He is the one who will say if you are Heaven or Hellbound.You cannot HIDE from God!

We are merely here to prepare for Heaven. Earth is the audition stage….Will you make the cut based on what God sees about you? Really search your hearts. True fellowship in love and unity. You are hurting yourself not the other person in the end. God sees how you talk and what foul words we use. He sees if you are showing love. He sees if you are truthful to Him when you think nobody is looking. He sees if you have faith even when He seem so far away.

We are tested every second, no matter our circumstances or storms. Blessings to you. May this be spiritual food for the soul.  

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥