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photo credit :ghumil.com

My Storms

My storms come near and far

at the most un-expecting times. My storms

can sometimes be very overwhelming.

I use to run from my storms and

take cover, but I found Jesus

in the midst of my storms

so now they seem to be the norm

Now I run towards what use to be my fear

because I know God is somewhere near.

My storms encourage me to keep faith

while I am weak, I say a prayer while at

Jesus’s feet. My storms are just mere test to

test my faith and trust in God. I shall pass the test

each and every time the storms come to me.

Why? Because…………………………….

I am promised to be with Him for ETERNITY!

My storms are here to stay they

remind me to kneel down and pray.

Thank you storms for coming my way

It draws me closer to my Savior in

every way. What was meant for my harm

is for true love to exist between me and my Creator ♥♥♥

Rain, shine, hail, or snow. I will take my Savior with me wherever I go ♥♥♥

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥