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Ecclesiastes 3 – 3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

There is a season for everything. But the importance is knowing when is the right time and what exactly are the direction for us. We experience the transformation from newborn to adult for a reason. Be it earthly, but also spiritually. 

Why did God make us newborns vs walking adults ?

There is a season to crawl, for we are young and inexperienced then, able to be taught. So during this phase we must crawl before walking and there will be times, we will get our knees bruised from the bumpy grounds. The bruising will fade one day and be no more.

What is the lesson in crawling, sometimes we will have to be picked up along the way and told not to mess with certain objects by our parents ( the authoritarian placed over us). There will be times they test us and will allow us to experience the fallen object that we pulled down to teach us right from wrong . After the incident we are then comforted and still shown love. Even though we disobeyed them.

Is this not how God does?

Then we go into another season from crawling to walking with practice. We are not able to stand until our legs are strong enough. This could take 6 months to 22 months give or take. Some of us will walk sooner than others. This does not mean we are behind on God’s clock. It simply means it is not your time.  We are still falling down and staggering, but we are where we need to be.

I can remember a woman saying her daughter started walking at 6 months and that my daughter was behind. The enemy has a way of messing with you. I took her to the doctor and everything turned out find. The doctor said she was on track and not to be concerned. I realized man will compare to make their child stand out or to feel accomplished. My daughter was born two and half weeks early. The lady’s child was full term. You figure the rest… 

The next season we are more developed and running with speed. Perhaps maybe to fast and we need to slow down along the way. Now that we have crawled, walked , and ran. What is it God desires you to do? There are some days He will require us to crawl again to be tested. There are days to walk and there are days to run.

But the enemy steps in with His sneaky ways and we come up with skipping in between. This means we skip the most crucial things in our lives that are important to God’s plans and purpose for us. We then began to jump around and over the obstacles in our lives to get to the easy stuff. Then there are some of us who are lazy and drive everywhere and forget how to walk until our vehicle breaks down.

We are not our own and God designed everything with a purpose. If your vehicle breaks down on the most important day of your life. Ask yourself is it important to man or God? Because if it is God’s will He will make a way. Perhaps there is a lesson. Did you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle or did you SKIP (devil’s tactic) maintenance on it?

Perhaps God had a job lined up for you, and He told you to the steps to do before getting there . You decided to JUMP (devil’s tactic) over the important steps and window shop for that beautiful purse that was discounted? Therefore, you missed the opportunity due to disobedience.  Perhaps God told you to walk today to work, but it was to hot and you decided to drive. Had you walked, you would have run into the missionary group who was providing free food vouchers, and giving out $300 dollar gas cards to the first 100 people.

So there is a season for everything, but without God directing us, we could lose focus and become lost. It is critical to crawl when He said crawl, walk when He said walk, and run when He said run.  Prayer keeps the devil wondering and confused!

Spring a season to grow (new leaves appear). God is re-molding you for His Glory! 

Summer a season of bloom (beauty for all to see). God will shine through for all to see.

Winter a season of rest (preparing at the roots). Time to get right with God at the wellspring of your heart ♥

Fall a season to be renewed, away with the old (old leaves die off). Renewed in Christ. Rid the old image and take on the new.

May this be food for your spirit to consume and digest of being in the season God has directed for you. God is speaking to someone, you know who you are. Be Still and listen. 

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥