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photo credit: missstephi.tumblr.com

Your Eyes Opened: What Happened Next?

You opened your eyes today and what did you say? Did you even open up your heart and mouth to give Him some praise? Or did you run to the coffee machine to help you start your day? You rolled over and was greeted by your spouse, and you gave him/her  a kiss before showing God some love, surely you must know your spouse exist today because of the man above.

Don’t you think you should give Him some praise and say a prayer as your little ones go about their day, the devil traps they will run into along the way. But with prayer they will be saved for you keeping your Heavenly Father, first when you awaked.

You dress for work after spending hours on what to wear, if you are a child of God your wardrobe would be PRAYER! How selfish we are to be about our day, without thanking the man who paved the way for you and I. Without Him, your day is bound to be filled with wrongful acts and lies.

You forgot about God, how he must be weeping, for it is not His face we seem to be seeking. We have everything on our mind from money, makeup, cars and playing with the enemies toys. We seem to have forgotten what God’s purpose for us was.

Shame on us for abusing God’s love, who hung on the cross pouring out His blood and tears, looking back it must have seem like years hanging on that cross like a piece of meat.   When you open your eyes, and before getting out of bed, remember it is His face you must first seek.

The enemy is laying a trap for you while you are sleep, your prayers before getting out of bed is what guard and protect you as you rest. Without those prayers you will not pass the test or get no rest. So don’t get caught up or abuse His grace, you will one day see His face.

When that day come it could be near, that is not the time to live in fear. Know as you have forgotten Him during your time on earth, He will turn away from you and say, ” I know you not.” The screen will play and you will see how coffee, cars, money, a spouse, and material things were your prize possessions that you praised.

The Jesus who longed for your love will turn away because you never found time to give Him Praise. You would have abused His love for you on that cross.

How long must He wait for you? He will not force, He gives you a choice. What will you do? Continue to walk in the devil’s plans for you? The enemy knows what heaven looks like, he had his chance and time. Don’t hang out with a loser like him. He will mess up your mind.  Don’t miss your blessings because your flesh looks and feels good. Praise the Almighty like you should. We need Him to protect us and steer us through our storms.

photo credit:sallylyngestrella.blogspot.com

Father God, who shed His blood on the cross for me, I just thank you, thank you, thank you. Lord, I surrender myself to you today to do as you please. That is why I was created for your entertainment and not man or my own. So Lord, here I am to serve you, here I am to bow down and worship you in every way. Suffocate me in your love Jesus.

Marinate me in your purpose and not my own. I just love you Lord, I cling to you like honey because you are like sweet perfumes . Thank you for protecting my family that you have blessed me with to fellowship another day. Lord, I take nothing for granted. You bless me with temporary gifts during my short stay on earth. Lord, thank you for all you have done and all I have not seen.

I wait humble as you continue to direct my words and actions today. I am not worried with plans for tomorrow because I could be in eternity tomorrow! I say what is it I can do today to show LOVE for you?

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥