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I want to share with you how the enemy will try to deceive you. You least expect it from someone who is supposed to be close to you. I thank God for discernment and how I just wore the armour of God and trusted Him. This person had spoken bad against another fellow Christian and tried to harden my heart, but I continued to show love to both, and not indulge. I pray this person find their way.

If you lay down with the devil, you will wake up in Hell!

Later to find out they longed for a close relationship with that person and was envious of the relationship me and that person was building. I decided to show love because it is part of who I am. I don’t have to try hard or become a people pleaser. I always keep it real and if you like me you like me if you don’t then take it to God. I am living to spread the word, not for popularity votes. If I seem to stand out it has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with God. Everyone should know……

God’s children don’t blend in with the world; they stand out by the Cross! 

My point is I thank God for being real and not having to put on a mask just to feel loved and accepted by others. I can be me just the way my creator created me. Always watch as well as pray. This week has been a week of God revealing someone who is not being truthful in their walk with others and self. I will continue to pray for this person. Deception comes in many forms and disguises. Let us pray for true love and unity. Let us not be envious and jealous of our sisters and brothers in Christ. LOL (LOve Out Loud).

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I realize some people cannot even say they love you. If you say it to them it feels awkward to them or undeserving. I love out loud like my Heavenly Father. If you can’t truly say it then just don’t. Jesus would say I love you and by name. It is time to be real and stop being phony. If you feel anyway about it then it’s because you not use to telling others you love them, or use to hearing it.    

God will draw all men unto you!

We are all growing together. We all experience ups and down. Let us not add to Hell’s fire. Some people love confusion. Confusion is not of God. If a situation is presented let us pray for one another. We are all children of God, He loves us equally and that is all that matters in the end. There are people who are starving right now. Someone is homeless and sleeping outdoors. Somebody is being abused. Someone lost their job today. Let us pray for those less fortunate.

Praying for others will take your mind off self.

It is not about you today but about the person less fortunate. The person who is hours away from being between hell or heaven bound. Someone is fighting cancer and AIDS. Let us start praying for others. Together we stand, divided we fall. I have come to far to fall so stand we shall!

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