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Take off the Christian Apparel Of God, if you not going to spread His word !

God is no secret, there is nothing in the dark about Him.

As I was responding to my sisters and brothers in Christ, God placed it upon my heart to share what He has placed in my heart. When we reblog, a thank you is not required, but it is accepted by others for showing your kindness, or to be in agreement with the word of God. When we reblog we are sharing God’s word which is what we suppose to be doing (spreading the word). Re-blogging allows us to do just that! It is why we are here. We are not here to be selfish or prejudice to others.

It allows us to meet our long distant sisters and brothers in Christ. Uniting us as one. God delights in this. Let us open our hearts to others so we can grow together as God purposed.

All of God’s word is beneficial to the soul and fits a need or situation for a particular person. How can they receive it, if we don’t pass it on. We should reblog and share a post from someone else’s blog daily. It shows unselfishness that it is not about the author, but about the director of our lives, which is Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Send whatever tugs at your heart to reblog ♥ God will let you know!

Many will say that’s to many post in our email box, but God has no limits. Email boxes get loaded with junk mail and spam everyday without even getting an invite from you. So let us truly fellowship with one another. Each day you can reblog from a different blog, whatever post really stirs in your spirit to reblog. God knows why a particular message tugs at your heart ♥ even when you truly don’t know. It may not be for you directly, but for someone else. It is being truthful and not re-blogging because of personal reasons that does not deal with the fruits of the spirit. 

It is about reaching all God’s children. We are His children. So we are here for a reason, the reason is sharing, inspiring, encouraging,teaching, loving, and drawing souls to God. Open your heart to receive hearts, so we can unite into one big Faith.

The choice is yours! What will you do? Choose Christ or self ? Remember it is not about you! It is all about GOD ♥ Yes, if you follow one or more blogs you may see the message again, if you have read it then move on or re-read it again. We see bible verses everyday repeatedly, so it embeds into our inner man.

I love you all with the heart of God, don’t shoot the messenger because I am armoured by God.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥