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Sinner got out of bed carrying yesterday’s despair, walking around depressed while losing his hair.  Just seem like the weight of the world became too much to bear. Sinner cried out to God who didn’t seem to be there. Sinner fell to the floor in all her nakedness crying, and praying like never before. Sinner said, “Lord, I can’t carry this weight anymore.”

Sinner heard a still small voice, say it was never your weight to carry or endure, my child. I will carry your problems and forgive your sins, but you must not forget to let me in. As sinner got out of bed the very next day, sinner prayer was “Lord Have It Your Way.”

 Have you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your back? I have. Storm after storm death after death, bill after bill. Would I ever have time to catch my breath? Catching my breath is in my prayers and time with God. Without our prayer getting through the day will be hard. We are all sinners who need God to carry our burdens by carrying us. Catch your breath by breathing the name Jesus.

Today you feel strong, tomorrow you are in mourning. Seven days a week I am weak, and at Jesus feet. I am fragile and need Him to nurture me, protect me, love me, forgive me, hold me, and just breathe into me. I allow Him to see all my nakedness and it feels good. I’m tired of the clothes of bondage clinging to me. Are you not tired? I want to be in the garment of God, rolling in it until I become so tangled and cannot get out! Smothered by God, and marinating in His love.

No matter what you are going through let us pray together. Let’s say it together: Lord I trust you, and because I trust you I commit myself and my burdens to you right now. Lord, I federal express every sin, bondage, hinderance of spiritual growth and maturity, and anything displeasing to you . In the name of Jesus. Amen. Lord we give you the Glory!

Praise God…

Because of Who You Are – http://youtu.be/C6WexG9uAJI

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥