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ocean animated

photo credit: photobucket.com

Lord, if you are the ocean then I’m drowning! Sinking to the bottom of your love. I will breathe in you. I don’t want to breathe the air of the enemy. For it pollutes my lungs. I rather swallow the living water that flows from you.

I put my trust in you and only you Lord. This world is wicked and I know it is not where I want to reside. People with no integrity! Money hoarders that robs the poor. Lives been taking at a movie theater like they were animals with diseases. Wealthy people worrying about their status and how to grow their bank accounts.

Families who act like enemies. Christians acting like the world. Babies being raped like they are grown women. This world is a sick place, and I’m glad I am not in it. But I lay inside the bottom of the ocean. Safe in your protection. If only we all were drowning. Many decided drowning was not for them, instead they decided to surf the ocean. Some decided to snorkel, or dive down and right back up. They want both. They live impartial lives, and back to the world they go!

But I decided to stay in the ocean and reside there for eternity. Casting my trust and hope in You Jesus!  I need you every second.

Fellow Christians I decided to drown in the ocean, don’t rescue me because I have already been rescued. I’m where I suppose to be!

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥