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photo credit: photobucket.com

Today, I decided to make the most of my day. It may be all I have left anyway!.

Depression, came and tried to lurk my way, I told it to go away.

Sin tried to come through the door, that’s when I put my

knees to the floor and said a prayer. I told sin you are no longer

welcomed here anymore.

Then a knock at the door, are you for real?

It was “The Bills” trying to enter in and find some

place to lay. I gave them to God, for He will make a way.

I open the fridge and it appeared very bare, now

what will I do? I opened my bible and said Lord, I have little

ones to feed.  I know you shall supply all my needs. So

you see I am making the most of my day, taking time

to pray and keep the faith.

What will you do when storms comes your way,

will you run, or find time to pray?

I decided to have a cup of DOG…(Depend On God) today.

So that’s why there is a dog in my hot chocolate.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥