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19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.  Deuteronomy 30:19

Sorry devil there is no space (room) left for you and your evil thoughts. My mind is filled with pleasing things to present to the Lord! My heart is tangled with His. My body belongs to Him. My mouth is to worship and give thanks to Him and only Him. So you see I have no room for you.

I know the choice is mine, but I decided not to sit around and have a pity party. I decided to not think of my childhood pains. I decided not to think about the wrong that I done to others after being forgiven by my Heavenly Father. I decided not to look back on yesterday. I decided not to worry about the things that are out of my control. I decided not to worry about the bills today. I decided not to worry about where my marriage will be two years from now. I decided not to worry about how I will make it for the rest of the week. I decided not to stress over my illness because that would make it worse. I just decided what is best for me…

So Satan go lurk somewhere else because you are not needed, or wanted here. There is no room for you!

I decided not to worry about who likes me or not. I decided once and for all not to let you reside in my head to mess with my thoughts today. I DECIDED I HAVE NO ROOM FOR YOU.  I decided not to make myself miserable thinking about all the what if’s or what problems are on the way. I decided to rest in God. So if you don’t mind I am preoccupied with God and don’t have time to be entertained by you. You cannot reside here, or visit. I refuse to be married to Christ and have an affair with you. Jesus loves me and I only have ROOM for Him.  

I am not letting you in. What belongs to me belongs to me. What belonged to you has been sent back your way. It includes anything that is not of God. So read the sign below…..

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You have the choice to be miserable. If you sit around and think about all the wrongs and what if’s you will be miserable and right where the devil wants you. Don’t get caught in the “D Trap.”

The Devil will Depress you, Deceive you, Discourage you, fill you with Diseases that will Damage and Destroy you, have you Denying Jesus. Then Satan will Devour you, and you will Die. You will live Departed from God! So you have a choice. Put up your NO VACANCY SIGN TODAY! 

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥