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Rose Titian 1950 by Riethmuller

Be who God intended you to be

If you haven’t fail you are not trying hard enough

If you consider yourself perfect then there is your flaw

Live in the moment

God centered conquers self centeredness any day

If you are trying to hard to please everyone you must not like yourself

Darken your monitor while typing, now brighten it. That’s the real you we all

make mistakes it’s part of life

Stay out the mirror and read your bible more

Count your blessings and not your losses

If you get fired from your job then it was not yours to begin with

If your spouse leaves you, then it makes more room for GOD!

When the gas tank and bank account gets low then walk it’s free

If you believe in God then why are you complaining?

If GOD is tugging at your heart then give it to Him!

If you have Faith then why is Fear sitting on your couch?

If you are lost then open your eyes oops keep going that’s Jesus you just bumped

into. He has been there the whole time. Waiting to be invited in

Have you told someone you loved them today? Start with yourself first

No deposit no return

No Jesus – why that’s impossible I talk with Him everyday…

God is real and He loves you….FACT or truth? Truth

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥