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photo credit:blingcheese.com

Lord, I want to inhale and breathe your presence. For I know you will draw near to me. As I inhale your presence, I hold my breath for a bit and know that you will forever remain within me. But what is important is that we remember to exhale sometimes and rid all the stress, hurt, bitterness, emptiness, despair, pain, and chaos from our lives. In order to do this we must exhale! When we exhale we approach God. We give it all to Him. As you breathe out, hold the breathe into your heart.  It is here you welcome His love and you trust Him whole-heartedly by surrendering to Him.

Lord, I breathe you with the most purest part of my body. I am so blessed to be called a child of God…..nothing is more worthy than that.

Be mindful of the NOW… because it is not about yesterday, today, or tomorrow. It is all about being mindful of the moment. Shenine Wiggs

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥