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god (Photo credit: the|G|™)

I strive for knowing the ME, who God created me to be. I strive to be natural in every way. Accepting my outer beauty and spreading my inner beauty for all to embrace. I rest in God’s peace and love. The insanity of it all is that I don’t want to awake. For that would be sane. My sane is selfish, and sinful! But His insanity keeps me whole. I am not in control of my destiny anymore. For He knows all things which makes us insane.

So stop trying to figure it all out it was not meant to be. You are meant to be, so just BE…….

I must be in control of the sane monster inside me, because God is my insanity, that drives me to be who He has purposed me to be. I lose myself to Him in every way. I am out of control. As my flesh looks in the mirror, my spirit lays with God. The reflection fades away and I am no more. My spirit lives forever free in Him.

I realize how can one recognize self without looking in the mirror. Our relationships are mere images of our thoughts that hide behind our egos.  Not daring to reveal it to self. For that would be suicide. Everyone knows suicide separates you from the love of God.

I realize from my past relationships I have seen a mirrored image of myself through them and realize I must let go and exhale. As I exhale, I am surrendering myself to Him for good. The wall of pride, bitterness, hurt, and pain is released.

I can now allow Him to work on me and blossom me into the person He created me to be. I must remain humble in Him and not stumble into that flesh looking in the mirror. Flesh looks in the mirror and there is no reflection looking back. I no longer chase material things, false relationships, or empty friendships with no contents.

I know now I am part of something GREAT! I am the works of a creator who sits on High. I recognize my worth to Him. I was once living in the dark blinded by the light. The light revealed my ugliness while leading me back to Him. The dark could not know it was dark unless there was light. So out of nothing we were created through a thought. We were manifested into being through a thought of GOD. Our thinking is the root of what we must perfect.

Our thoughts are lingering in the dark waiting for some direction. Which way will you go? Our actions are the light. Do we reflect that light or do we create illusions to deceive others? I have decided to keep my thought in alignment with God and when they get out of control to give them to Him. If that’s insane then He is my insanity.He is a miracle worker who cannot be understood or predicted. Just trusted!

To most of you, I am called insane, and I say thank you. I realize it is okay to not know it all, to understand all the what’s and how’s. It is okay to not have all the answers, or to have it all together. It is perfectly okay with me because the answer is not in the window panes of life, but in the trees of heaven.

When I fall into Jesus we fit perfectly!

I have seen mad people, and I have known some who were quite intelligent, lucid, even clear-sighted in every concern of life, except on one point. They could speak clearly, readily, profoundly on everything; till their thoughts were caught in the breakers of their delusions and went to pieces there, were dispersed and swamped in that furious and terrible sea of fogs and squalls which is called MADNESS.



If you are reading this and you are lost then give it to God because somethings are not to be understood, but to just be. Because knowing it all, which we call sane is suicide. Suicide can separate us from the love of God ……………..

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥