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Yes, I said a mouth full. It is time to stop looking pretty and get ugly for God. What do that entail?

It means getting your knees dirty wherever you go. It means falling on your knees to a God who is worthy whenever, however, and wherever! It means messing up that expensive Mary Kay, Clinique, Bare Mineral makeup or whatever it is you wear. It means embracing the old the young, the clean the dirty, the poor the rich with a hug and a kiss.

It means praising God and getting all sweaty. That means that hair do is coming down with the knees in prayer. It is time to open up your mouth that the Good Lord has blessed and equipped you with. Give Him the praises. Get up and jump for joy! Shout Glory hallelujah to a God who is worthy. It means giving a homeless person a ride in your brand new car. It means inviting a stranger to dine with you as Jesus breaks bread with you!

I don’t care what name brand clothes you are wearing, or how much you think you paid for them. There is no name brand clothing that can out label GOD. There is no price tag that can out-pay the price that He paid. Get up and give Him some praises right now where you sit, stand, crawl, or lay.

My God is not dead. The only one dead is a body that think they smell to good to get ugly for God. A body that think they are so high-minded that they don’t have time to praise God. A body that think they to old and have given their time to God. I say as long as you got breath in your body then you are to praise Him. I don’t care how many wrinkles you have on your body you ought to praise God for being able to see those wrinkles.

Stop looking around to see who is watching. God is watching you! The church is packed with pretty people. God’s house looks like a fashion show. You go to a celebrity concert and you got people falling out, crying, fainting and acting like they seen Jesus. But they see a celebrity with money. Not realizing you made them rich by buying their stuff to begin with. What praises do God get on Sunday?

Everybody looking at their watch to see when service over. People putting one finger up as they walk out the service. It is time to get ugly and call on Jesus.

I don’t care if you have no hands you still can praise God. If you are blind then you can see with your heart and praise God. There ain’t no time to look cute and pretty in the flesh when your spirit is in bondaged with the devil. So don’t look at me like something is wrong with me. You need to be about your father’s business. You ought to praise Him as if it was your last day on earth to receive Him.

It just can be for tomorrow is not promised to any of us. So stop looking pretty and get ugly for God. You can look pretty in Heaven, when you are dressed in garments of eternal life! So stop worrying about your outer appearance and get your inner man straight. Praise God and praise Him some more. Say thank you to a merciful God. Say thank you to a compassionate God. Say I love you to a God who deserves every bit of it.

Stop getting pretty for man and get ugly for God. He got on that cross and got ugly for you. All bruised up for you. He wore the scars of our sins, He bled for you and I, so that we may have redemption in Him. For you were created out of dust so it is in you to get dirty for the Lord, for nothing is more pure. Glory to God. Somebody kneel with me and get ugly for God.

photo credit: myspace.com

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥