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I am constantly, asked “why am I so happy all the time, or always smiling.” Recently our family truck became non-functional and still is. So I have many ask why am I still smiling and like it does not bother me. The answer is first and foremost it is a vehicle which is material. Secondly, God is my provider. He will make a way out of no way.

Some people only own one vehicle. Imagine if they have only one vehicle and making payments on something they cannot drive?

I just choose to smile and be thankful for my family, friends, and the food He brings to our dinner table. If it is out of my control then I know to let go and let God be God. How difficult is this? You either trust Him or you don’t. No middle man. We do what we must with our one vehicle. It’s not about being fake or phony. It’s simple faith….

It’s rather awkward when people ask this, it’s like do you prefer if I was frowning, or angry?

My daughter asked last week how are we all going to go to church with one vehicle. I said we will make it. We made two trips to make it to church. We were so happy at service that morning because we had defeated the devil. Most people would not have went to church all together. We have been more thankful for what we do have than focusing on what we don’t have.

I smile because I think God is something to smile about!

It cost a substantial amount of money to get it repaired, but we focused on what God is wanting us to see. Perhaps there is an underlying message in all this. So we focus on God and the way I see it that’s less gas money for now.  More importantly, we are setting the example for our children to never let obstacles keep you from serving God.

God has a better plan for us….

We are bonding more and just smiling because we defeated the devil. After the storm is a rainbow with our name on it. I thank God for His faithfulness to provide for my family. So if you must know why I am smiling, it’s because we defeated the devil once again. We are happy because we have a Savior who we can lean on during times like this.

I’m happy because I know the end result is out of this world….get it ? (heaven) ♥

We are not pretending, just living life with Jesus. There will come a time when you will be tested by God and tempted by the devil. I say trust in God and smile because you know what He can do. Why stress and carry that weight daily?

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥