Reality Of Christ

“Mommy, Mommy!” shouted my nine-year old daughter as she ran up to me with joy written all over her face. “I have a song I wrote, just for you.”

My daughters smile extended from ear to ear as she explained how long it took her to write the song and how excited she was to share it. For she had been working on it all day, as a surprise, just for me.

I sat in anticipation, filled with joy and excitement, knowing that my little girl was about to do something great. My little girl, who is not the most talented singer in the world, yet hear she is, ready to pour her heart and soul into a song written just for me. What joy, what love, and I couldn’t wait to hear it!

She then proceeded to the center of the room, composed herself, stuck her chest up high and with one deep breath, out poured the words…

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