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I am just so grateful to blog for God, and to share a cup of Christ with you all. I am meeting new hearts and mingling with old hearts. I think the two together creates such a beautiful melody. You all have touch me or one of my sister and brothers in some way. We are one big family. Forget the computer, laptop, and keyboard and just look at how we have grown together. Look at how we are pouring our hearts so freely to one another. We began taking baby steps and now we are walking together. Some of us are running together already.

Learning each other hearts, putting a name with the face. If we all were in a room right now we would know each other. We would mingle as brothers and sisters and not like strangers. This is so profound to me as I arose out of bed. I began to allow my heart to fill with tears as I look our spiritual growth. I remember when God placed it upon my heart to blog and reach out that He was doing something even greater in me.

You see I disliked writing, but now my fear has become my working miracle for God. Yes, a miracle because it takes time, obedience and a willing bold spirit to step out for God when the world is not for Him. So my heart is in tears of JOY….this morning.

Jesus firstOthers nextYourself last

Wouldn’t be nice for all of us to meet at a big coliseum? Just giving God the praises…Oh the blogs would be on fire after this event…We would destroy the devil!We would experience something so miraculous. If I had the funds Lord, I would rent a coliseum for a weekend and everyone’s ticket would be paid for to come and have praise and worship service. We would afterwards just smile, hug, and share each other hearts all over again.

Naphtali, would be the Christian comedian making our hearts smile. Butch Dean would smile and say, “My God” how awesome you are. Terra would light up the room with her smile. Anne would be sharing the scriptures and making butterfly presentation for everyone to take home. Ron would be delighted in awe. Boomiebol and Shian writing and sharing their poetry for God to us. Sherline and Lyn would write the books about the event. April would take us all back to the porch. Granbee, would sing about the critters who came together for God. Liz would keep us organized in every way. Desiray would be gathering people and giving out bibles to those who are lost. Shannon, David, and Tricia would be our prayer warriors…

John would be teaching, and the rest of us would be singing, dancing and just praising God. Ministering to everyone. I have learnt each of your hearts and still getting to know the beats of the new hearts. Don’t be offended if your name was not mentioned here. It is just an illustration of how important our blogging for God is, and the post would be forever long!. But what’s important is that Jesus does know each of you and by name. I wanted to illustrate my love for all of you as we come together as one serving the only true God.

This is serious God business here on these blogs. We have a great work to do so let’s do it with a cheerful heart always accepting, loving, and forgiving each other. Be Better Not Bitter.

Be kind and let your light shine….

Be nice and not serve ice…ice is cold and hard. Softened you hearts ♥

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God Will Make a Wayhttp://youtu.be/Y4DgESWtCus

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥