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The Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to explain the turmoil, emotional, and spiritual abuse you will encounter if you try, or are in the process of filling someone else’s shoes. Through my obedience may someone be set free. If you replace someone at work, you should not fill the need to fill their shoes (you are not them). Yet, women who are married sometimes feel the need to fill their mother-in-law shoes.

Perhaps you have a friend who always try to fill your shoes and mimic everything you do….Flatter is okay sometimes, but I inspire my friends and family to be who they are not to be me. Often times when they do and it does not come out the way they want, they become bitter of their own actions. If you try keeping up with me you will be depressed and bitter, because your shoes may cause for you to slow down. I am very energetic and outgoing. A social butterfly from birth. I am being who my Creator created me to be, so you do the same. I am filling my shoes only. We all have different shoes, but our walk should be the same (in Christ)!

Filling someone else’s shoes is a pretty personal thing to me. People don’t often share their shoes. Even if you borrow someone else’s shoes they feel awkward because they have been molded by the original owner. So looking into society trying to fill someone’s shoes isn’t easy, especially if that someone was a famous person right?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that, because I wear my own shoes!

I cherish and share the imprint of my friends and family. Sharing their wear of style and creativity, but at the end of the day I still wear my own shoes. I love just being me. I am a great stay-at-home mom. I am a great student. I am a loving mother and wife. I am very giving,caring and loving to my friends and family. I was a great soldier for my country. Now I am a faithful servant to Christ (my master). I love the way my shoes fit.

I only change my shoes if my master sees fit for me to do so, but they are still my shoes and no one else’s.

So don’t worry about the friends with a new car. Don’t go trying to fill their shoes because it has a cost. I say to you be careful of the shoes you try to fill. Because they may be to big and just uncomfortable. They may be to tight and cause you to ruin your feet. So fill your shoes and be who God created you to be!

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When you try to mimic your friend’s hairstyle, you may not have the face for it. If you try to get a fancy car because your friend or family member has it, you may face financial difficulty. If you keep up with every Coach, Prada, or Gucci purse that comes out, ask yourself how many purses can you carry in a day? Does it have a built-in bible? For the cost it should…….

To much of anything becomes excessive. And with excessive come little space. And with little space comes no room to receive. And with no room to receive, how can you receive God’s plans for you if you have no room left. So if you just fill your shoes then everything the Lord has for you will fit. But if you allow everyone’s else shoes to fill your closet (heart)you have no room for yours.

So if someone tell you that you have some big shoes to fill, you reply back, “My shoes fit quite well. I prefer filling my own shoes, I wear them faithfully.” This sends a message that you are not going to try to fill someone else’s shoes when you have your own to fill. You will live by Christ and not by man standards. Besides you may try to fill their shoes and they may belong to somebody elses, who shoes they were trying to fill.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥