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photo credit: tjenarvi.com

Inner voice: Why are you crying?

Outer You: Because I just don’t fit in with anyone

Inner voice: Perhaps God created you to stand out from the world and not blend in

Outer You: I look ugly they say

Inner voice: Who are they?

Outer You: the famous ones…The rich ones…The popular ones – are they

Inner voice: If they are so content with themselves, why do they have time to humiliate and hurt you?

Outer You: What are you saying?

Inner voice: You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you have something money cannot buy. Christ is not for sale, and neither are you. You are who God says you are. Christ has paved the way, and you must follow the light. Even in dark times I am with you.

Stop trying to fit in when God wants you to stand out. Stop accepting worldly words and live by truth.

Thank you Holy Spirit for rescuing me.