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photo credit: fineartphotoblog.com

What Is To Be Of You?

What is a sun without warmth – cold and emptiness

What is a heart without a beat – lifeless

What is a soul without God – a lost soul

What is love without action – faithless

What is kindness without a smile – bitterness

What are tears with rage – animosity

What is love with a knife – pain

What is shoes filled with faith – love in action ♥

What is love walking out behind you and picking you up – Jesus

What is faith without action – worthless

What is love walking in love – unity

What is two wrongs trying to make it into right – sin

What is innocent shed blood – a price for sin

What is a person who loves you even when you don’t love’ em back – a servant of God

What is a man on a cross – Hope and everlasting life

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥