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I used to feel a little selfish or in disbelief to think that God would sit and watch me rest while I sleep. Like really God? I am sure you have better things to do. I mean like someone’s house is burning down, someone is on their death-bed etc.

However, that’s my past, when I wasn’t giving God nearly enough credit. In my human thinking it seems impossible that He would really know every hair on my head and care about every breath I take when there are major needs in the world. But then I realized that God can take care of more than two or three things at one time……or even more. But the most important one is that, ” He Thinks I’m Worth It.” And you too.

There will be days of sorrows in my lifetime, and I know He will give me courage to face them, for He is faithful. And thankfully I have found patience for the smaller obstacles in my life. I only hold on to courage and patience because I know that “God is awake.” He’s looking at the road map of my life that He created, and waiting each moment to see which way I’m choosing to turn so He can provide me with the guidance I will need. So know that:

God is awake, waiting to hear from you

God is awake waiting to heal you

God is awake waiting to deliver you

God is awake waiting to comfort you

God is awake waiting to save you

God is awake because He loves you

God is awake when you don’t know what to do

God is awake to guide and direct you

God is awake because I just talked to Him. We shared a few laughs. If you really want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans! I think you should stick with His plans for you.

I reminded Him of how happy I am to have a relationship with Him. I love how patient He is with me, never looking at His watch. He reminded me of my spiritual growth and trust in Him. Jeez…. my eyes are getting all teary just sharing our time with you all. He has that effect. Sometimes I sit in silence in tears as He fills my heart and remove the pain. I can continue to show love to all. It feels good to love others who don’t love back. It means I am making spiritual progress. In the flesh maybe not so much a great feeling, but in the spiritual rim…..it is great. The Holy Spirit takes precedence over my flesh.

Does this sound like you below?

photo credit:dl-inspired.blogspot.com

So now that you know He is awake, what are you waiting for?

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥