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Blessed Serendipity

photo credit daniellesserendipity.com

To my fellow Christian bloggers, this has been a journey of test, trials and tribulations. God is and has been faithful.  This has been a struggle in itself dealing with life and it’s baggage. But somehow I manage to put God first and depend on Him in the end.  Sometimes life catches you in a corner and tries to instill doubt, pain, and sometimes unbearable obstacles in our path.

God has been tugging at my heart, to take me to the next level. It appears the enemy is fighting me in every shape and form, but God is God and He is always in control even when we are not. So that’s why it is important to be so careful in our actions and words. May we be in alignment to obedience and faith in God and not flesh. May we truly be forgiving of our brothers and sisters as we want God to be forgiving to us without bitterness.

May we love with God’s love and not worldly love!

God says, love conquers all. Do you believe this? I hear time heals. I don’t believe it does. I think time with God heals, not flesh alone. I am grateful for my past situations, and the next ordered steps God has ordered for me, because He knows best. I am grateful for all of you. I am wishing for a Christmas filled with the gift of Jesus for you and your family. Pray that I continue to be that Woman After God’s Own Heart because He is so worthy to be praised.


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A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥