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photo credit: allaboutbirds.com

Who can explain a family’s pain, especially the faces of the future who lives were taking in vain. Are there any words to express what every mother’s fear? When your little miracles just disappear. What makes someone take such a life so dear? Just thinking about it brings me to tears.

Is it anger or just guilt, and pain that would make someone do something so insane? Only God can comfort the family and heal them within. I find comfort knowing these little miracles are now with Him.

So that leaves you and me to say a prayer, because we are living in a world unjust and unfair. God says He wouldn’t put more on us than we can bear. This is a burden we all should share. The best gift we can give is by saying a prayer, each and everyday to protect each and every one of us in every way.

Faith should be a Christian best friend because we never will know how a life could end before it begins. But if for some reason He wants us home, may He give those left behind the strength to carry on.  

A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

God I don’t ask why, I just believe that you are in control and loves us so much. You are the Creator of Heaven and Earth. You are the giver of life and death. Who am I to question you? Who is anybody to question you. Lord, let your will be done. Lord you make no mistakes, even if it don’t seem just to us. It’s you Lord I will continue to trust!

 May you comfort the families who miracles were sent home to be with you. Lord, look on the lost souls who committed this unimaginable act. May you be their judge.