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Dumbledore is the man.

photo credit: babaloud.com

Lord why me? Have you ever asked this question over and over again?

You ask it so much it becomes your number one sin. Why must we ask, why me over and over again. Did God not promise He will be with us from the beginning to the end? So whose planting the seed of doubt in our minds and hearts? Who would try to separate us from the love of our God?  

I believe it’s about time we stop asking why.  Begin each day with Lord I will try.

Why don’t we stop asking God, “why me,” and begin each day, with Lord I believe. When you believe His word along with a little faith.  Your doubt will begin to slowly fade away. Dont’ forget the devil who was once an angel. If you doubt God you tangle with the devil all by yourself. Asking why me to long could be your death.


May we trust your book of promises (Bible) to us Lord. May we not question you, but just trust you. You are God, and you created us because you love us, and love should always be reciprocated. Lord, you have not given up on me, and I will not give up on you. We are bonded by faith intertwined with love.